Come and join me, Billabong Retreat founder – Paul von Bergen, in this interactive and fun show that mashes and smashes the topics of neuroscience with spirituality, finding purpose with coping when stressed, evolutionary biology with ancient wisdom, connecting heart and mind, and of course, the big ones, living with wellness and dying content.

Essential for all homo-sapiens wanting to thrive on planet earth today!

Featuring lively presentations, uplifting music, engaging theatre skits, stunning videos,  comedy and easy meditations – this show is entertaining as well as inspiring.

All proceeds to A Sound Life charity, providing joy to kids in hospital.


  • Learn to live a healthier & more content life
  • Learn about your evolutionary and cultural history
  • Understand how human and bacteria cells talk
  • Know what being a mammal means for you
  • Understanding suffering and its cures
  • Benefit from all the ancient wisdom
  • Discover how to do self-neuroplasticity in 4 easy steps
  • Understand your epigenetics & neuro-immune biology
  • Enjoy music from Morcheeba, John Lennon and Louis Armstrong
  • Inspirational video from Dr Seuss, Star Wars and Monty Python.
  • Live action skits from our resident actors
  • Presentation by Billabong Retreat founder “Yoga Dad” Paul von Bergen



Paul von Bergen

Paul’s teachings combine ancient wisdom with modern scientific thinking. They explore how changes such as language, the agricultural and industrial revolutions and the very recent informational and technological mega-revolutions are reshaping modern human experience like never before.



Learn how the science of neuroplasticity and neuroimmunology empowers us to create our own reality.

Discover how to do metacognition using your most evolved part, the prefrontal cerebral cortex to enable you to rise above repetitive thoughts, damaging emotions or niggling pains.

Ancient Wisdom

Be amazed at the common themes taught by the great masters including the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Patanjali, Hippocrates, Rumi, da Vinci and more.

These core concepts for living well are distilled into easy to digest bite sized chunks so you can action them in your life today.

Modern Understandings

Hear what modern wise ones like Louise Hay, Ellen Langer, Jane Goodhall, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dwyer suggest for living well.

Explore how a simple daily practice of meditation, intentions and gratitude coupled with a light sprinkling of mindfulness can create a life of value, kindness & contentment.

Saturday, 18 May 2019 | 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Sound Life Dome, Moore Park, Sydney


The Vedas, Patanjali’s sutras, the Buddah, Jesus, Mohhamed, Hipocrates, Socrates, Da Vinci, Rumi, Shakespeare, Freud, Ghandi, Einstein, Louise Hay, Dr Zeuss, Ellen Langer, Jon Kabatt-Zinn, Bruce Lipton, Yoda, Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle and many more. Thank you for your wisdom. Obviously these people have not all endorsed this event.

The show is not-for-profit and all proceeds are going to A Sound Life to provide joy and laughter to kids in hospital.

Tickets are available by a $75 or $100 donation to A Sound Life charity.

This is a zero waste event – bring your own cup or mug and a small plate to enjoy some delicious afternoon tea.

This is a fully seated event

Only 200 tickets available.


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